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Reforming Global Governance

The COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine have drawn attention to the interdependence and shared vulnerability of peoples and the weakness of the international system in the face of global challenges ranging from public health and security to refugees and climate change. The deep political and ideological polarization that undercuts effective collaboration make Pope Francis' call for a culture of encounter particularly urgent. We must find new ways to share perspectives, bridge differences, and include more diverse voices in governance from the local to the global level.

  • How relevant is Pope Francis' idea of a culture of encounter to contemporary challenges of transnational and global governance?​
  • To what extent have the pandemic, the Ukraine war, and other contemporary crises created new openings for the reform of global governance?
  • What practical steps might help to build a culture of encounter within international institutions that is more inclusive of diverse voices?
  • How might religious communities and interfaith networks support the UN's efforts to forge a more "inclusive multilateralism"?