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Forging Global Solidarity

As Pope Francis argued in his encyclical Fratelli Tutti, only a robust vision of solidarity and social friendship can overcome the challenges revealed by the global pandemic and the underlying crises of inequality, environmental dislocation, and rash individualism that tear and fray the common bonds of humanity. While we have the means to practice solidarity, we too often lack the political will and the sense of moral duty to do so. The religious communities that encompass four-fifths of humanity have a key role to play in forging deeper global solidarity in practice.

  • What are the roots of the idea of solidarity in major religious and philosophical traditions?
  • How does the moral notion of solidarity call into question prevailing economic and political systems, unbridled individualism, deep economic inequality, and a throwaway consumer culture?
  • How might forces in global civil society better coalesce to challenge nationalism, racism, xenophobia, and other exclusionary forces?
  • What is the relationship between interreligious dialogue, the culture of encounter, and efforts to forge deeper global solidarity in practice?