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Creating a Culture of Encounter

Encounter, for Pope Francis, goes beyond dialogue to engaging difference with a stance of humility, generosity, and patience towards those who think and live differently, drawing on the fundamental human unity that lies behind our political, social, and religious divisions. In Fratelli Tutti Francis calls on people to dream and act “as fellow travelers sharing the same flesh, as children of the same earth which is our common home, each of us bringing the richness of his or her beliefs and convictions, each of us with his or her own voice, brothers and sisters all.”

  • What are the sources and substance of the idea of a culture of encounter, as developed by Jorge Mario Bergoglio—as a Jesuit priest, as archbishop of Buenos Aires, and now as pope?
  • How might the idea of a culture of encounter be developed systematically through theological, anthropological, and historical analysis and reflection on our contemporary situation?
  • Where and how can we recognize the culture of encounter in literature and the arts?
  • To what extent do emergent digital technologies undermine prospects for a robust culture of encounter? Or might they prove a resource?